Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: Joining Deal Hub Central is free of charge and we will actually pay you a sign-up bonus deposited to your account

Q: Do I have to sign-up and pay in order to get paid from Deal Hub Central?

A: While some of the activities presented will allow you to earn bigger when you purchase product or activities there are plenty of ways to make money without paying likec ompleting surveys, signing up for newsletter, engaging Deal Hub Central and/or our partners on social media and more. To easily browse between the type of deals start at our navigation bar at the top.

Q: What is the difference between Cash and Cash-back?

A: We credit our members with cash when they complete certain activity that doesn’t require any payment on behalf of our members. Those activities can be signing up to a partner website, entering to a contest, clicking our promotional emails and more. Our members receive cash-back when buying products, services and/or paying for trial membership. Once a member made a confirmed purchase, the cash-back will be deposited in our account.

Q: How can Deal Hub Central afford paying customer?

A: Marketing companies are getting paid to connect between brand and their products orservices and customers. We decided to share that payment with our members

Q: How do I know what will I get paid?

A: Each one of the activities you take will include a description of the terms and the expected earnings. Once the activity is completed and reported to us (usually within seconds) we will credit your account accordingly

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